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Sand as a substrate has many advantages over gravel. Sand is more natural, easier to clean, and looks much better. Sand is Much More Natural than Gravel: Almost all the fish we keep in aquariums are from waters that naturally have a flow much lower than would allow gravel as a substrate. Most will have a substrate of sand, some even silt or mud (which we can't have in an aquarium).

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Best Aquarium Sand Reviews 1. Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand. The first thing that you want from aquarium sand is to be confident it delivers more value than destruction. That is what you get when you select this product, as it comes with a neutral pH important for your aquarium.

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Fish Tank Gravel, Sand and Stones Whether you love muted natural hues, vibrant shades or something in between, our fish tank gravel, sand and stones makes it easy to design an aquarium that suits his space – and yours.

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AQUARIUM GRAVEL & SAND FROM ALL POND SOLUTIONS. The All Pond Solutions selection of aquarium sand and gravel is available in multiple sizes including fine 0.4-0.6mm, 1-2mm, standard 3-5mm and large 7-15mm and is supplied in a variety of colours.

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Aug 22, 2018· Because of its weight, gravel is also much less likely to get drawn up into and therefore clog up the filters in your aquarium. This is a frequent problem with using aquarium sand. Another of the main reasons that you might choose gravel over aquarium sand, is that gravel offers a far greater scope for creativity.

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Mar 04, 2019· Aquarium gravel is also quite cheap and easy to find in any pet or aquarium shop. It is very easy to come by. In terms of planted tanks, plants will usually always do better in aquarium gravel than in sand.

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Sand. Despite the many benefits of gravel, sand work very well in certain setups. If you have species that like to burrow or sift through the substrate, aquarium gravel can make life difficult for them. For example, certain small cichlids and loaches love to burrow. In the absence of burrowing fish, sand can lead to anaerobic dead zones.

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Mar 12, 2016· A little Background On Using Sand And Gravel In The Planted Aquarium. In an aquascape the art is in creating a piece that is inspired by, and replicating nature. Aquascaping sand and gravel are graded by size and positioned in the aquarium to emulate scenes found in nature.

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May 14, 2012· Pros and cons on sand vs. gravel?? 120088 - in Freshwater Substrates - Gravel, Sand forum - Well now that I am starting to get a handle on this fish keeping thing I want to upgrade from my 20 gal starter kit to a rimless 60 gal...

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Apr 26, 2018· Aquarium substrate refers to whatever substance it is you choose to line the bottom of your tank. It not only substantially affects the overall look of your aquarium, it can also influence the chemistry of the water and the health and well-being of the fish in the tank.. Therefore, choosing the right substrate is an important part of caring for your goldfish properly.

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Sep 17, 2011· Sand allows for small corydoras, loaches and molluscs such as clams - All of which will help to keep the sand clean by turning it over and removing some of the organic waste which builds up in …

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I just finished reading a number of websites regarding sand (play sand) and Mbunma cichilds. Of course i didnt read it until I set up my 75 gallon with 35 pounds of white gravel and 20 pounds of black gravel now mixed. I like how it looks but see that play sand is supose to be a better choice.

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Using sand in your aquarium can help make your cleaning duties easier, as it doesn’t let waste filter down between the particles as easily as gravel or crushed coral, for example. This keeps debris on top, and if there is sufficient water movement in the tank, the waste will be caught and removed by the aquarium …

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Sand or gravel for planted aquarium? Plants can be planted in sand or gravel and do very well. Many plants work great in gravel, and you can find many that do very well in sand also. For example stem plants should do great in the sand as the root is mainly located on the stem itself.

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Aquarium Gravel Reviews 1. GloFish Aquarium Gravel. One really great choice for aquarium gravel comes from GloFish. It makes a great home for any water plant plus it really adds a pop of color to your tank. You can use this is a GloFish aquarium to get the full blue light, glowing effect but it …

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To replace aquarium gravel, you should plan ahead. A checklist of tasks and materials needed is a good idea to ensure all your bases are covered. See the checklists below. Because changing gravel can be invasive, it's advisable to move the fish into a temporary holding tank. If you don't have a spare tank, purchase a 10-gallon tank.

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Aquarium gravel or sand for your fish tank will enhance the look and feel of your marine habitat. Larger aquarium stones or gravel should be avoided. Choose a finer gravel, perhaps pea-size aquarium rocks, if you want to include freshwater plants. Fine gravel will provide the plant roots a …

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Gravel - As you may already know, gravel is a much more coarse version of sand and is composed of larger particles. Silt - Out of the other two primary categories, silt is made of very fine particles. These items tend to be so fine, its texture feels slippery. In some cases, it almost feels like slime.

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Sand and gravel can be used together in aquariums, but if the gravel is put down first it will end up on top as the sand gradually settles to the bottom. Sand can't be used with gravel when using under-gravel filters as the motor won't be able to suck the water through both the gravel and the hard-packed sand.

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Aquarium Gravel & Substrates - Gravel, Decorative Sand, Aragonitic Sand, Live Sand, Aquatic Planting Media, and More Welcome to the Aquarium Gravel & Substrates superstore! The substrate you fill the bottom of your aquarium with can actually have a significant impact on …

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Gravel & Substrate at the lowest prices online and up to 60% off everyday at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Free Shipping over $75 everday with code 'FREE75'. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order today!

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The rectangular aquarium gravel calculator allows you to specify the length (l) and width (w) of the base rectangle, and desired height (h) of a selected gravel or substrate. The number in square brackets, to the right of the gravel name, is the gravel specific gravity or …

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Jun 08, 2017· Epoxy-coated rocks are a thing of the past! Although colorful rocks are good for some applications, nothing screams sophistication like aquarium sand. aquariums are supposed to add natural beauty to your home, not take away from it with colored chaos. Using sand …

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Petco's aquarium and fish tank gravel available in fun, fluorescent colors, adds texture and detail to your underwater habitat. Shop for fish gravel here.

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Aug 21, 2016· Hey folks! One of the things I knew I needed to do in this overhaul of the 125 gallon tank was replace the substrate. In this video I go through the decision...

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Nov 21, 2016· Sand Versus Gravel In Your Aquarium. Big Al's Pets November 21, 2016 2. The material that sits in the bottom of an aquarium is called substrate. There are several different choices for aquarium substrate, the most common of which are sand and gravel. Big Al’s Big Value – Fishkeeping Can Be Affordable!

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What We Think is The Best Aquarium Sand. If you want a great sand for substrate, we feel the below is a decent option to consider (it’s what i use for my tank). Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand . The reason why we like this particular aquarium sand is because it utilizes patented sea breathe technology.

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Aug 25, 2012· Question - Sand and gravel together? 121375 - in Freshwater Substrates - Gravel, Sand forum - I use medium and coarse gravel as substrate in my 70G tank. I have added coreys to the tank and, until reading on this site, never...

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Jan 20, 2019· For aquarium owners, sand or gravel are the most popular choices. The gravel that is used in aquariums can range from finely ground to larger chunks. There is also a range of colors and materials (e.g. artificial, quartz, etc) at your disposal. Aquarium gravel may look similar to the gravel you find outside, but it isn’t.